Review: Bayonetta

Image of BayonettaFrom the creator’s of Devil may Cry, comes a game that takes the demon hunter concept, and twists it into a fascinating female character who is self-absorbed. Now to most the self-absorbed idea usually is a bad characteristic to give any main character. Bayonetta is far from the average character, she is beautiful, sassy, and deady. She doesn’t like fighting, she love’s it. This is one girl the Angels don’t wanna mess with.

The story takes place in a world far from ordinary. Bayonetta wakes up after years of unplanned sleep, she is not a happy girl and that becomes obvious from the jump. The game starts out with a simple fight off the Angel’s in a graveyard. She plays dead to lure them into her trap. Just like in DMC the fighting is pretty much auto lock slaughter. This of course means button mashing for the unexperienced. She starts out with pistols, but down the road you gain a nice choice of melee weapon’s.

Storyline is pretty simple at first, your simply looking for a memory of your past. You meet a little version of yourself along the way. You fight Jeanne through the game and in the end you realize the family ties between her and yourself. Like all good games there has to be a psycho bad guy bent on world conquest. The battles get pretty tense towards the end. This game takes hours to beat and for the 360 acheivement zombies, this is one game you may be avoiding as the acheivements took me several days to get.

I absolutely love this game and I recommend the game to everyone who likes a good challenge.

Game gets a: (9.5 – 10)
Console: Xbox 360, PS3
Platinum Games ~ SEGA
Release Date: Jan. 5th, 2010


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