Review: Borderlands

There is nothing more popular or more played than FPS games. So when the announcement came out for the Borderland’s game it was instantly a hit. RPG’s were never popular in shooter style until the release of Mass Effect. The difference between Mass Effect and Borderlands is that in Borderlands the only thing to do is shoot and be shot. The storyline is more of a branch of stories all leading to a finale. The game adds the spice of COD series and a little Mass Effect Strategy.

There are four style of characters to choose from, each holding special gifts. One of the advantages in Borderlands is that up to four people can play with you over Xbox Live. Which means that you can not only complete the game faster, but also not die as much. Of course as a true gamer I had to play it through myself to enjoy the challenge.

In some cases there are few hints to help you oyut in RPG’s. This is however not the case as the game will automatically update to new objectives as you complete them. Giving you the opportunity to play instead of strategize your next move.

Dueling is a part of playing over Xbox live, and there are a few acheivements for bieng a killing machine of other gamers. The game is easy to get addicted to and it stays on good pace all the way to the end.

Game gets a: (9.0~10)
Console: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
2KGames ~ GearBox
Release: Oct. 20th 2009


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