Review: The Beatles Rockband

The Fab Four, music that changed a generation. Nothing can begin to describe the Beatles and their legacy left. Rockband has created a community and game archive that isn’t as large as the Guitar Hero world, but it has many dedicated players who play Rock Band 2 daily. I have come to prefer Rockband due to the music choice that Harmonix has produced over Neversoft. Rockband was the first to develop the 4 person band, and it was a hit from day one.

This edition comes with a drum set, Guitar(Beatles Edition), and mic(with stand). The game requires three mic’s to sing with the Beatles. There is an option to sing harmony or no harmony. The drum’s have a large practice section, and there is a challenge section after completing the game storyline. The game is well worth the cost and it offers hours of Beatles hits. For more Beatles music visit the Rockband Store.

Game get’s a: (8.5 – 10)
Console: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii
Harmonix ~ EA ~ MTV Games
Release: Sept. 9th, 2009


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