Review: Bioshock 2

It was a game that thrilled millions, a journey from a plane crash to an adventure that would not only leave you breathless, but wanting more. There are few games I can say have made me actually applaud at credits, but this one has. Bioshock is a masterpiece, but what can be said about the second installment?

Jack is out, his story is told. The love that we gain , the fear we get from every corner is not there. The mystery of Rapture is over. This time we travel the world as a Big Daddy. We search for a Sister, but not just a Sister. A special one, one that leads into the very depth’s of a world long since inhabited. The only marks of life are that of a man that saved not only himself, but a civilization’s history.

A Big Daddy is meant to protect the Little Sister, and that was their only design. In the sequel, you will harvest the very thing you were meant to protect in order to strengthen your character. If harvesting isn’t your thing, you can choose to adopt the little sister and she can harvest the Adam’s of the dead to build your strength and stats. Weapon upgrades are better than before. There is more choice and a more variation of upgrades. The camera research, ya that is gone to, no more irritating moments where you try not to get shot while taking pictures of those short-tempered enemies. Another plus is no more puzzle game when hacking, now you use a real-time action variation to hack objects. Personally I thought it was fun to hack in Bioshock, but whatever.

Make sure you pick up those audio files. I know they give you the willies, but the history is so interesting. That was my fave part in Bioshock. Just don’t listen in dark(shudders). Multiplayer will be a plus in this game. As the saying goes, “It better to be scared shitless with friends.” Even if that is true, won’t a few bigdaddy’s just scare the Splicer’s shitless? These are the questions that keep me up at night!

Anyway the game is everthing a Bioshock fan could hope for, and for those who haven’t played the first. Sneak out of the house without Mom seeing, go buy some threads that don’t scare us normal people. Avoid the shade since your paler than Edward Cullen, and buy a copy. Game on friends!


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