Fabula Nova Crystallis

While the title above is confusing to a great many gamers, it symbolizes the Square Enix mind. Square Enix produces a title for each installment into the Final Fantasy Series. While Final Fantasy is the longest running and most bought series, it also is a prime example of what happens when you get comfortable in a title. The series itself has produced some of the greatest love stories told through games. While this was a huge breaking point for gaming it still was not the end of what the Square Enix staff had in mind. The staff has produced the best graphics gaming can offer in it’s current position. Final Fantasy 13 and 14 are examples of what happens when a game takes four years(Final Fantasy XIII) and eight years(Final fantasy XIV) to make.


The above picture is from Final Fantasy XIII. This is what the game looks like from start to end. The detail of each character and each citizen is extraordinary. The characters are beautiful, and many critics of the series cannot find area’s to criticize. When I played through Final Fantasy XIII I spent more time in cut scenes than game play. Now for some this would seem a frustrating feature. I however, love the cut scenes and wish they would last longer. I love the stories and how each character effects the outcome. Vanille is my character, she has the style of fighting as well as the personality and looks to keep me in love till the end.

Final Fantasy Versus XII brings new characters, new story, and yet the game still revolves around the same la’Ciie. This is Square Enix trying to make a trilogy based around one goal. Expect some great graphics, characters, and general story. Square Enix has not disappointed yet, I see no change in near future.

The final installment is Final Fantasy Agito XIII. The game has no date set and could be seen sometime 2012.


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