Halo Reach

Once again Bungie has brought another title that impresses. To jump right into this juicy title one must first look at the story. Campaign is one of my favorite parts of Halo. The game offers a great solo as well as co-op campaign. One of the many things Bungie has done well is the way they bring each story to a close in a way that reveals nothing, yet leaves so much speculation. I am a huge fan of well built stories as they control a game’s success. Bungie is no rookie to scripting a game. After all, the game series turned into a collection of novels. As we know Master chief did what was necessary to save mankind, but Halo Reach tells the tale of the extinction of the spartan class warrior. It was a well fought fight and you alone save Cortana from certain doom.

For gamers today, it’s all about killing each other in multi-player. Yet for some of us old school gamers, we want to enjoy the ranking system without the cussing and yelling of our lovely generation of underage nerds. Thank goodness Bungie added Score Attack. For once I like the ranking involved in Halo. Many of the new features are special armor abilities. Armor lock being among the most annoying. Bungie did a great job of making multi-player a place for all skills. Yet it gets old playing against the kids who lack the necessary hand-eye coordination to play SWAT.

On a final note, Bungie did good among gamers and we thank them for the commitment to excellent gaming experiences. Good luck on your future endeavors!


2 thoughts on “Halo Reach

  1. Hey there, love the review of Reach. I too am a fan of the campaign although I do play a lot of multiplayer and one of the things I’ve really enjoyed is the new(ish) coop multiplayer mode.

    This allows you to use the traditional matchmaking tools used by the multiplayer module to find you new buddies to jump in to the campaign with. I’ve found that this is a great way to have a crack at alternative ways to campaign such as Way of The Ninja.

    Thanks BG xx

    • Yes Co-op campaign was a great add-on. It gives the friendless a chance to get through campaign with others. Bungie has done a great job of making Halo multi-player a place for all gamers. I do enjoy multi-player, but the constant children playing it makes the game lose some of it’s value to the mature gamer. Especially when children use profanity as a way to express their unsporting attitude.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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