Kinect Xbox 360

So Kinect is out and were all suppose to run out and buy a Wii 2.0 right? Wrong! Gaming isn’t suppose to be so much work. If your gonna work out just do it, who needs a game for working out? Now if you have little kids, like myself you buy it for the sake of entertainment. If you think shooting games are all gonna be on Kinect, it may happen. Lets Review the Wii games that failed miserably.

Actually that list would be way to long so I will list the prime examples:

Resident Evil 4
Modern Warfare(Reflex Edition)

That’s just a few and I could go on, now I am not saying that over time shooters could evolve into something worth while. Just don’t mark your calendar for a good motion shooter anytime soon.

Of course if your curious about Kinect features and stuff click picture for direct link.


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