The Top Games Xbox Live

For those of you who are die hard Multi-player gamers this is for you thanks to polls and such we have the most played games currently. This is based on daily traffic, example: Black ops had 2,908,057 players day one. So here ya go the list:

1: Call of Duty: Black Ops
2: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
3: Halo: Reach
4: FIFA Soccer 11
5: Fable III
6: Fallout: New Vegas
7: Call of Duty: World at War
8: Madden 11
9: Call of Duty 4
10: Halo 3
11: NBA 2k11
12: GTA IV
13: Red Dead Redemption
14: Gears of War 2
15: Battlefield: Bad Company 2
16: Kinect Adventures
17: Medal of Honor
18: NHL 11
19: Forza Motorsport 3
20: FIFA 10

Ok so chew on that one for a while and ponder who the hell even plays World at War anymore. Hint: It’s the poor people!


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