Brink: First look

Some wouldn’t think Bethesda Studios, when they think first person shooters(FPS). Although the studio has been known for role playing games(RPG) it takes a different path as it dives into the competitive world of FPS. Bethesda Studio’s has made some of the best RPG games for it’s time, most recently Oblivion. With so many shooters in creation one must wonder how it will fair against Deus Ex by Square Enix. While both have had a good run in the RPG world, they now try out a shooter game. It will be interesting to see how each game develops over the next few months.

The Smart Button
To break it down for you, the smart button will be used to reach a point in a fluid motion. Example: Lets say your running and you want to climb a crate and climb over the hand rail real quickly. You simply use the smart button technology that would allow you to climb, jump, duck, slide, roll, etc… The system is designed to make the shoot and move ideology come to life. This will essentially make game play far more fast paced.

Bethesda Studios is known for custom characters. This being said, their plans for Brink are fantastic as far as customization is concerned. Above is proof that each person will be able to make a unique character and level up in each game mode. Below is the video showing the character customization in detail.


Above is the first screenshots of what the game will look like when completed. As you can see the game is looking great. Even though the game is far from done the first looks are amazing.


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