LOTR Expansion?

I have played Lord of the Rings Online. There is I said it! Happy? I will admit, I love Lord of the Rings. The books, the movies, even the games. Now with that said I will break down the reasons why Lord of the Rings online is a bomb.


While the graphics are better than free mmorpg’s I am still torn by the fact that the game seems so half ass done. Like they want you to just appreciate the fact it is Lord of the Rings and be happy at that. It has no wow at all, there are no cut-scenes worth watching and half the time you feel like lag is just apart of the experience.

Game play:

There is such a barrier between the new players and the I have no life crowd. The game starts in Rivendell where you get to fight and learn basic maneuvers. The start of the game is pretty quick and gets you out on your own quickly. Leveling early on is a breeze if you do all the quests. Once you get past the new player and no life crowd it really opens up and becomes a vast world of creatures and battles. After a while though it becomes like every other game based on the world of swords, bows, and magic.

The Expansion:

The expansion is set to launch Fall 2011. There is no info on the extent of the expansion, such as: is it a free update? A bought expansion? These are the question we ask, answers will be months away. So we wait…patiently.


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