Gran Turismo 5 Review

I hate racing games, there so boring. This is not true with Gt5. This game is so much fun! I played for most the night.

The game has so much detail and luxury it’s almost a shame to turn off the PS3. I love the detail to the race tracks, giving the line that a professional driver would use mentally to keep a good pace. A must have is the steering wheel and pedals. It will give you the edge over the controller handicapped. The cars are amazing as well, the details of each vehicle in and out makes you believe your driving for real.

I personally love the view of what a driver would see while driving. It makes it a challenge, and gives the player a real time experience. I would recommend this to all gamers with a PS3. If you don’t have one, buy one. This is a game worth the cost.

The game is made to feel real in every sense. From the details of cars, to how they handle with certain upgrades. A starter car may not like the supercharger you installed and cause some unfortunate contacts with the wall. I recommend you be careful when upgrading certain vehicles. It will help if you have mechanical experience in upgrading cars already.

Damage is a serious threat now. When you hit a wall hard enough you may find yourself towed off the track. The damage you take is the damage you will see after every race. The cost will make buying new cars a little bit harder. As every race will bring new costs. Try and save for the rainy day, sell cars you don’t use and keep up the maintenance on the ones you own and race with.

This game is worth a 10/10 for being so awesome!


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