Batman Arkham City

While we all loved the predecessor, we all want more the second time around. Longer campaign, while the story was solid it seemed like we hardly played as the dark knight. It would be nice to put 20-30 hours into the sequel and maybe lose some sleep.

More villains and allies would be a great jump for the sequel. Bring in some of our favorites from the comics and movies. I want to see Vicki Vale, now that would be a great character to piece into our hero’s journey.

How about some free roam? I wanna run around the city kicking ass and throwing the thugs into the slammer. Maybe a little Commissioner Gordon action. He could be the annoying little voice that pops up and lets you know a bank is being robbed.

What if actions had karma? What if Batman could become the villain? Now how would that tear the little Batman nerds up? They may be scared for life, but the committed gamer would be a happy little dew drinker. Come on work with me here these ideas are smashing!

How about some new moves? We all like new moves to bring down the bad boy. Maybe a little more blood and guts. Maybe mom and dad unapprove of guts, finish off the bad guy in a spewing fountain of squishy goodness. You get the idea, no guts no glory right?

Don’t tease us with the batmobile unless we can drive! This is just rude and I won’t be teased! I mean you show us a clip of our driving skills, but that just makes us want to punch a baby. So don’t bring the car, unless driving is part of the sequel.

Give us an array of missions, I want to experience a bank robbery, bomb blasts, murders, and kidnapping. I want to chase down an old lady’s stolen purse…maybe not that. Even still, give us a chance to punch people off the storyline. So when we get into the story we get to enjoy two parts of a game.

More than one ending, build the story around our own choices. Just don’t copy Fable, they may not like that. If the gamer has two endings, it becomes re-playable, and therefore, it’s more likely to be bought instead of rented.

Finally, less detective mode. I mean seriously on this one. I couldn’t die because I could see joker taking a piss on the other side of the prison. This makes batman a pervert and a cheater. You could kill twenty thugs and pick roses for Rachael Dawes. Is this the kind of message you want to send to kids? No wonder they all come home with black eyes mom, games are making them believe they’re tough sobs and they’re not!

Now if joker isn’t your favorite villain, maybe you should watch the teaser again!


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