Top 5 VGA Disappointments

Last night a bunch of us sat through a terrible awards show for the simple fact that we wanted to see as many trailer reveals as possible. How could you blame us? With games like Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and rumored Mass Effect 3 to be shown during the event, it almost felt as though we were obligated to watch. Unfortunately, the assumption that the Spike TV Awards would be disappointing and a let down were pretty much spot on.

It’s no doubt that the decisions behind bringing in Dane Cook, Rachel Bilson (seriously?) and a few others were questionable, but despite the bad performances that each of the guest presenters gave — nothing hit home more than underwhelming reveals of games we were excited for.

Though I’m sure fanboys are raging with love over reveals of titles they’ve been eagerly awaiting, a lot of what was shown left us disappointed on a large scale. Of course, not everything was bad, but out of the things that were, these were easily the worst.


I wanted to start this off with something everyone can agree on — including the host of the show — Neil Patrick Harris. Throughout the entire night, we watched B-list stars come on stage and read off this terrible script that was neither funny nor compelling enough to keep anyone’s attention. Sadly, I’d like to give Dane Cook the benefit of the doubt and blame the teleprompter for his performance, but chances are, his dialogue was all improved by himself and ended up just as bad as his stand up routine.

Regardless of how you look at it, the script writing was awful. The fact they had reject actors reading out those lines only made it worse. If Spike TV ever plans on having people feel that their award show is anywhere near legit, they’re going to have to hire some people who can make the show actually worth watching with a decent script to read from.

It wouldn’t surprise me if next year a slew of potential hosts turn down the network due to the terrible performance of this year’s show. I’m sure the ratings were fantastic, but even NPH felt the show sucked and he gave that vibe off clearly before it went off the air.

Forza 4

That’s right — We’re including Forza 4 in here and listing it as a complete disappointing when it comes to a high-profile reveal. The majority of this reveal stood hiding behind real life drivers driving around a track and then Turn10 decided to randomly throw in the same lousy Kinect cut that they showed months ago. How this factored in to being labeled as a ‘World Premiere” trailer, I’ll never figure it out. Someone needs to figure out that it doesn’t qualify as a world premiere when everyone has already seen the majority of the trailer.

Furthermore, apparently the game is less than a year away, right? So why the need to show pretty much nothing from the actual game itself? As someone who put in over 75+ hours easily on Forza 2 and probably 35+ hours into Forza 3, I couldn’t have been any more let down from a Forza 4 reveal than I was last night.

Forza 4 Debut Trailer

I’m starting to think that Forza 4 wasn’t supposed to be revealed last night, but instead, due to Microsoft pulling the Gears of War 3 trailer, they needed something to take its place. Thus, they edited together some footage of real life racers and threw in some of the Kinect Forza 4 from E3 2010 and called it a night. I honestly don’t believe that this was the type of reveal Turn10 or Microsoft would produce for one of its larger exclusive franchises. Forza 4 deserved more than this and so did fans of the series.

Resistance 3

I bet after reading about Forza 4, a lot of you guys were like “These Ps3 fanboys are just asshurt,” right? Not so. Just like how Microsoft dropped the ball on a major reveal, I believe Sony and Insomniac Games dropped the ball as well. Resistance 3 isn’t just a Sony exclusive that is anticipated and loved by PlayStation 3 owners. Insomniac Games isn’t developing a game coming off of a Game of the Year performance like Naughty Dog is with Uncharted 3. No — IG is having to prove themselves capable of creating something outside of the world of Ratchet & Clank that has actual staying power and deliverance to fans at a higher level.

While some enjoyed Resistance 2, it has always been widely regarded as a huge disappointment — including to the developers themselves. However, with the release of Resistance 3, IG has the opportunity to rectify that and right the course of the franchise entirely. After watching a live action trailer of the game when it was announced, I was excited to finally see more of Resistance 3 and what it would have to offer me, as a gamer. Sadly, I was once again force fed a live action trailer with some Resistance 3 gameplay sprinkled in.

Late last night, Insomniac revealed that all of the game footage was in-game and they said this as though they were proud of that. Maybe it’s just me, but the in-game footage they showed, what little of it, didn’t look that great to me. It looked as though we were still playing Resistance 2 with no hint of upgrade whatsoever. Maybe it just comes down to the fact that I expect more out of Ted Price and his team or maybe it’s just the belief that Resistance 3 is going to end up just like Resistance 2 — a disappointment.

Sgt. Wood Game Character of the Year

Are gamers becoming retarded? If I’m not mistake, Character of the Year was voted on primarily by the gaming public, right? Did 4Chan troll the gaming industry and flood Spike TV’s website with votes for Sgt Woods just to have a laugh about it later? I can’t even fathom how this even took place or how Woods was even nominated in the first place.

This year saw the release of some very memorable characters who partook not only in a game that won Game of the Year, but also took part in games nominated for that very award and others. Ezio from Assassin’s Creed played out the premiere AC title of this generation and it was primarily due to his role in the game. Without Ezio, had Ubisoft introduced a new character, I don’t think Brotherhood would have been as good as it was.

And then we had Kratos, the God of War, who, to be honest, everyone loves in the industry. In fact, God of War III was one of the hottest and most talked about titles this year. Would anyone have cared about God of War III had Kratos’ brother been the main character? Hell no. We then have that followed up by Game of the Year winner, Red Dead Redemption and its main character, John Marston. Are you really to believe Marston was outvoted and outdone by Sgt. Woods from Call of Duty: Black Ops? What reality do we live in?

This is just a complete face palm moment entirely.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Just stop. I know you’re already preparing to cry foul in the comment section below, but relax. Let’s be realistic about the situation first. Yes, Oblivion (despite how repetitive and boring the story was) won Game of the Year and Fallout 3 achieved the same award. However, how broken have those games been, including the most recent from Bethesda — Fallout: New Vegas? Both Fallout and New Vegas had game crippling glitches and problems that needed to be corrected post-launch and Oblivion had unlimited money glitches that ruined the game for anyone cheap enough to use it.

To be honest, Bethesda probably wouldn’t be as successful as they are if it wasn’t for people latching onto the name Elder Scrolls and Fallout so tightly that they’d buy anything with those names on the game. Don’t you find it odd that they had nothing to show for Elder Scrolls V but a crappy teaser trailer that let you know the dragons were back? While some care, let’s be honest — Skyrim is going to look the exact same as Fallout: New Veges but in a different setting. The voice dialogue will be terrible unless they rectify the situation with decent talent like in NV. And finally, the character facial animations will still give small children nightmares since they look like lifeless dolls on the screen.

For those of you over-the-moon about Skyrim, I’m happy for you and glad that you’re getting a game you’ve been waiting for. However, for the rest of us that are tired of Bethesda’s constant bug-riddled filth — I couldn’t be more disappointed or indifferent about this reveal. Until Bethesda shows something different other than the same engine they’ve been using since Day 1 of this generation, I’m done buying their product on Day 1.


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