Cliffy B Interview on Microsoft VGA Trailer Cancelling

Epic Games design director Cliff Bleszinski had attempted to shed some light on Microsoft’s decision to pull a mega-hyped Gears of War announcement at last week’s VGA awards

Speaking about the pulled announcement to 1up, the verbose developer said “that’s one thing I’ve learned in the land of videogames: its’ a war out there, and there’s a lot of strategising going on.”

“At any given point something may shift due to a strategic move that needs to happen, so I came out here potentially announcing something and it turns out the timing’s not right.”

“So hopefully now I’ll accept Most Anticipated Game 2011,” he said.

Portal 2 was awarded Most Anticipated Game 2011 during the ceremony.

In a Tweet published on Saturday, Gears of War’s executive producer Rod Fergusson put the blame squarely on publisher Microsoft: “To be clear, the VGA announcement delay comes from Microsoft, not us.”

People were quick to speculate that Microsoft had pulled the announcement because of the top billing given to rival Sony’s Uncharted 3 announcement.

CliffyB had previously announced Epic Games would be “showing off some new Gears of War gameplay.” It was “gonna be awesome” and we were “gonna love it.”


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