Final Fantasy XIII Versus in 2011?

When someone mentions a release date for a Square Enix title it’s usually within 6 months of release. Now we often get the year earlier than that, but never with an exact month. Once again the Square Enix Final Fantasy division is teasing the fans. When asked for a release date they replied, “We will be premiering a trailer at the 2011 Tokyo Game Show”.

Does this make us feel better about a 2011 release date? No, not really. The show starts Dec. 18th 2011, and more than a trailer is planned for the official date. The game began production in 2003 and has been a work in progress. Does Square Enix make us wait to hype up the game? I kinda think they do. No developer drags out a game making like Square Enix. This is a huge irritation for me as I expect to play better games than a DS or Wii edition. Those Final Fantasy games are thrown together in a matter of months and they never make the fan squeal with joy.

The game was originally unveiled at the 2006 E3 and yet it took over 5 years to push even a hopeful date out of them. Even if they make the game for the Ps3/Ps4 and the Xbox 360 it shouldn’t take 5 years to make. Now rumor has spread that they could be waiting for the launch of the PlayStation 4, but that would be a ridiculous amount of time to wait.

Jump Festa 2010 showed game footage in Japan, and since than it’s been a quiet title. We understand that there is a lot of work involved in polishing a high end graphic game, but please give us this title in 2011. A perfect example of time making no huge improvement on a hyped of title. Final Fantasy XIV, how can a game go so wrong? Well take the graphics, best we seen so far right? What about the gamplay? Epic failure! They spent all their time making it pretty and they forgot about the actual reason people will buy and play. I understand glitches happen, but what happened at launch was a hilarious example of poor use of time.

Will the Xbox 360 get another title like Final Fantasy XIII Versus? ヨイチワダ(Yoichi Wada) made this statement via twitter:

“It looks like the net is heating up. Versus on Xbox? What I said at the earnings press conference was just that until a formal announcement is made at the announcement time; all points about all titles are not finalized”.

For the Xbox 360 fan it looks like the developer is hesitant to whether Microsoft will push to have another Final Fantasy title. I am not surprised that Microsoft is not a top choice for platforms. Time to make a new Xbox with better processor and graphic card or Sony will win back the gamers Xbox stole during the Halo and GoW Era.


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