Naughty Dog “We have no Limits”

RipTen was lucky enough to catch up with Naughty Dog at the 2010 VGAs – not surprisingly,  they made some bold statements about what it’s like to be a PS3 exclusive developer.

Now, while it’s obvious that as a subsidiary of Sony, Naughty Dog would only have good things to say about the system for which they produce games exclusively – these guys (and gal) truly believe that they and the PS3 – are second to none.

Can Uncharted 3 live up to all the hype?  Will it push the PS3 farther than any game has before? Naughty Dog seems to think so – in fact they have no doubts.  Quite frankly, judging from what we’ve seen so far – I don’t think I doubt them either.

However, when I ask the team what it’s like being a PS3 exclusive developer – Co-President Christophe Balestra makes a very bold statement about developing on the platform.

Check out what they had to say when they stopped by to talk to us on the red carpet:

No limits? A bold statement indeed.

Only time will tell if Naughty Dog and Uncharted 3 will be able to reach the bar they’ve set so high for themselves – however, one thing is certain . . . they are not lacking confidence.

Check out the in-engine trailer we saw that night as well as brand new screens and direct feed gameplay footage that we posted just yesterday.

Oh, and in case you forgot – Uncharted 3 is set to hit stores on 11.1.11 (November 1st, 2011)


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