PlayStation 3 Console Exclusive Titles 2011

First of all the PS3 has a lot of games coming out in 2011. This could be a record breaking year for the PlayStation network as they get most likely a huge improvement on the community numbers since 2010. Here is the exclusive list for games on the PS3 in 2011, enjoy!

Agent (Rockstar Games, Rockstar North) – Shooter – TBA
Ar Tonelico Qoga: Knell of Ar Ciel (NIS America, Gust Corporation) – RPG – TBA 2011
Atelier Totori: Alchemist of Arland 2 (NIS America, Gust Corporation) – RPG – TBA
Back to the Future: The Game (Telltale Games) – Graphic Advenure – TBA 2011
DC Universe Online (Sony Online Entertainment) – MMO – January 31, 2011
Disgaea 4 (NIS America, Nippon Ichi Software) – Strategy RPG – Summer 2011
Explodemon (Curve Studios) – Platformer – January 2011
Final Fantasy Versus XIII (Square Enix) – Action RPG – TBA 2011
Final Fantasy XIV (Square Enix) – MMORPG – TBA 2011
Hyperdimension Neptunia (NIS America, Compile Heart) – RPG – TBA 2011
ICO / Shadow of the Colossus Collection (Sony Computer Entertainment, Team ICO) – Adventure – TBA 2011
inFAMOUS 2 (Sony Computer Entertainment, Sucker Punch Productions) – Action/Adventure – TBA 2011
Journey (Sony Computer Entertainment, thatgamecompany) – Adventure – TBA 2011
Killzone (Sony Computer Entertainment, Guerrilla Games) – FPS – February 22, 2011
The Last Guardian (Sony Computer Entertainment, Team ICO) – Adventure – Holiday 2011
LittleBigPlanet 2 (Sony Computer Entertainment, Media Molecule) – Play, Create, Share – January 18, 2011
Malicious (Alvion) – Action – TBA 2011
Mass Effect 2 (EA, BioWare) – Action RPG – January 18, 2011
MLB 11: The Show (Sony Computer Entertainment, SCE San Diego Studio) – Sports – March 2011
Motorstorm: Apocalypse (Sony Computer Entertainment, Evolution Studios) – Driving – March 16, 2011
Ni no Kuni: Queen of the White Holy Ashes (Level 5) – RPG – TBA 2011
No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise (Konami, Grasshopper Manufacturer) – Action/Adventure – TBA 2011 (PlayStation Move)
Okabu (HandCircus) – Unknown – TBA 2011
Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath (Just Add Water) – Action/Adventure – Easter 2011
PixelJunk Shooter 2 (Sony Computer Entertainment, Q Games) – Side-Scrolling Shooter – TBA 2011
PlayStation Move Heroes (Sony Computer Entertainment, Nihilstic Software) – Platformer – TBA 2011 (PlayStation Move)
Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One (Sony Computer Entertainment, Insomniac Games) – Platformer – Fall 2011
Resistance 3 (Sony Computer Entertainment, Insomniac Games) – FPS – September 9, 2011
Rune Factory Oceans (Marvelous Entertainment, Neverland Co) – RPG – TBA 2011
SOCOM 4 (Sony Computer Entertainment, Zipper Interactive) – Shooter – Fall/Winter 2011
Sorcery (Sony Computer Entertainment, The Workshop) – Adventure – Spring/Summer 2011 (PlayStation Move)
Tales from Space: About a Blob (Sony Computer Entertainment, DrinkBox Studios) – Platformer – TBA 2011
Tales of Xillia (Namco Bandai, Tales Studio) – RPG – TBA 2011
Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll (Tecmo Koei, Omega Force) – Action RPG – February 8, 2011
Twisted Metal (Sony Computer Entertainment, Eat Sleep Play) – Driving – TBA 2011
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (Sony Computer Entertainment, Naughty Dog) – Action/Adventure – November 1, 2011
Virtua Tennis 4 (Sega, Sega-AM3) – Sports – Spring 2011
White Knight Chronicles II (Sony Computer Entertainment, Level-5) – Action RPG – TBA 2011
Yakuza 4 (Sega, CS1 Team) – Action/Adventure – March 15, 2011
Ape Escape 4 (Sony Computer Ent.) PS3/PS - Release Date: Q4 2011/Q1 2011
The Agency (SOE Seattle/Sony Online Ent) PS3 - Release Date: TBA 2011
  • The titles above are subject to change in date. Titles are added through year and therefore this is in no way a complete list.
  • To remove the controversy with exclusive titles that are available on the PC now or in near future I will submit this message: The article was written in the intent that the following games above were only to be released on the PS3 console(excluding the PC). This has lead to many frustrated readers which was not my intent. I apologize for the confusion.
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    25 thoughts on “PlayStation 3 Console Exclusive Titles 2011

    1. What’s with the criticism? Agreed on the whole mass effect one, but he’s aloud to make a console exclusive list if he wants. Which he did for both consoles (Thank you by the way). It isn’t about whether I can play it on computer or not, I think it is more of a justification to yourself for why you bought your PS3 over the 360, and vice versa. Being excited for the games that I can play because I chose a PS3 and not a 360 is awesome!

      My one critique would be to organize it into different categories, possibly by DLC to disk, or genre, or some form. That would have been pretty neat. Otherwise thanks for the list!

    2. so I guess is easier to tell others to go do things the right way instead of doing it right yourselves, right?

      for developers to change date there has to be a date to be changed on the first place, but Agent and Final Fantasy Versus 13 never had a release date, not even a year, so there’s nothing to be changed, that’s why its wrong to have them on the list

      unlike Twisted Metal that’s almost for sure not coming otu next year but it was indeed announced for 2011 so that one is correct to have on the list

      anyway, I going to watch Black Swan and then dream about Natalie Portman, good evening

    3. I think you need to start a blog and make your own list mate. You obviously have a passion for this. Like Assassin said, we do this on free time. Check the notes on bottom of article and see that all games are subject to change and that not all dates are set(Developer can change date). It isn’t as hard as you make it.

    4. the list should only have games that were announced for 2011, for example, it is very likely that Twisted Metal won’t be released next year, but when it was announced back on the E3 they said that it was for 2011, so it should be on the list until they said that it won’t come out until 2012

      on the other hand no one ever said that Agent or Final Fantasy Versus 13 are aiming for a 2011 released, never, so they shouldn’t be on your list

      and even if it is completely wrong to include multiplatform games in 360 exclusive lists, at least it’s understandable, otherwise the real 360 exclusive list for 2011 is Gears 3, Forza 4 and a bunch of Kinect games that gamers don’t care about

      but like I said before, unlike the 360 the PS3 doesn’t need false padding on its lists to get to double digits, so why? why doing thing the wrong way?

      wouldn’t it make you feel better to have the real accurate list of games that were announced to be released on 2011 and will only come out on PS3? I take pride in my work being right and like to thinks other do to

      • Yes it would and we will definitely double check things from now on. Again, I will emphasize that this is all voluntary and thus will not be held to perfect standards, but we do take pride in our work. If you would like to contribute to our paychecks we will most certainly strive to perfect our reporting, but until then read everything with a grain of salt.

        • fine

          this reminds me of a discussion I got in with another website a few days ago, they posted their GOTY nominies and on the comments people asked them how come there was no Super Mario Galaxy 2, and they responded and they are a 360/PS3 site and they don’t take Wii games into account

          but that just wrong, if the articles say Game of the Year, then it’s referring to the best videogame of the year, regardless of the platform, it could be a IPHONE only game and be the best, it doesn’t matter if they are a 360/PS3 site only because they are talking about the best

          just like in your case it doesn’t matter if you consider PC a console or not, it’s a gaming platform that features many games from 360/PS3

          and no game its exclusive to something when it can be played without it

        • Again though, you’re getting into the differences between consoles and platforms. PC is a platform but it is not a console. Consoles are 360/Wii/PS3 while platforms are all the consoles plus others such as the PC, iPhone, Droid, etc.

        • PC is not a one single platform.

          It consists of many different platform, hardware, software and all sorts of purposes. Most common PC at the moment is something people used to call 90s “IBM-PC & 100% compatibles”. It consists of Intel-based hardware and Microsoft operating systems. But let’s not forget that Amiga, Macintosh, iPhone, Droid, etc. are all PC platforms.

          It would make more sense to use proper names of the platforms and call them my their operating environment name which for the software has been written for and not by hardware branding which is wrong and confusing.

    5. In Mass Effect 2 and Oddworld’s case yes. They are considered under the new year.

      On the Agent and Final Fantasy XIII Versus the games have **(Not confirmed for 2011) meaning a possible release in 2011. If they are confirmed in the future as 2012 I will remove accordingly.

      • its not about my way or your way, it’s about the dictionary’s way, you can not change the meaning of words to suit your needs

        also if you’re going to edit you should remove Agent and Final Fantasy Versus 13 because they’re not coming out next year, and if you’re going to insist in listing multiplats as exclusives you should add The Agency, which you don’t seem to know about

        and why you are including games like Mass Effect 2 and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath as PS3 exclusives is beyond me, maybe you mean that they come out exclusively for the PS3 on 2011 but they came out on other platforms on diffent years? is that it?

        • doa-> I know you want to get technical here and we will certainly take your comments into consideration. However, simply attacking someone and expecting them to change to suit you is not to be tolerated. We work to provide news often and as soon as possible. Will we always get things perfect? No. That’s why we’re human. This whole news site it voluntary and not a paid profession. If you wish to sart writing news, go ahead, but it is way more time consuming than it seems.

          Like I said, we will take things into consideration. I ask that you please leave it at that.

    6. Like I said, PC is not a console. I do not include PC as a console. I only have console exclusives. Irregardless of whether Final Fantasy IV is on PC doesn’t mean that the PS3 isn’t getting exclusive rights to game. That means it is exclusive in the sense of the 360 and Wii do not get the game on their platforms.

      • this is not about gaming, this is about language, exclusive means only one thing, maybe you can try telling your girlfriend or wife that you’re exclusive to her and just one other woman and let’s see how that works out

        and also you should know that the term “console exclusive” refers to games that are exclusive to consoles and can not be played on PC, like Brutal Legend or Vanquish for example, you can read any PC review of Bad Company 2 and you’ll see how the first Bad Company is referred as “a console exclusive”

        and tell me what would you call Dead Space Extraction which will be released on Wii and PS3 only? a WI-FI console exclusive?

        PC is a gaming platform, whether you like it or not and if a game appears on more than one platform then it’s multiplatform and not exclusive, it’s that simple

        • Its not like telling your girlfriend or wife that you’re exclusive to her and just one other woman, its like saying that you are exclusive to her and the porn on your computer.

        • Now stop this bullshit. The man (doa766) is right. If the game or piece of software is available for more than one platform it’s not exclusive title to that original platform anymore. Gears of War is not a Xbox 360 exclusive. Halo is not a Xbox exclusive game. And neither is Halo 2. Back to the Future is not Playstation 3 exclusive title because it was released for Windows already. Neither is Mass Effect 2 which has been released for Windows and Xbox 360 already. This list is unprofessional and looks like it was made by amateur. Oh, I am sorry. You’re amateur, right? =)

          Besides PC ≠ Windows. If you keep talking about Windows-platform then please use “Windows” instead of “PC”. Even a Macintosh is a PC (and these days also Intel & IBM -based PC hardware too). This is about language and correct meanings, right? Besides it’s confusing to have one acronym and two totally different meanings for it.

          And I can think plenty of reasons why these so called “consoles” are also PCs (personal computers). We could start with the hardware which is not that unique in world of computing. And move from that point to think why embedded operating systems rule this world.

        • The only amateur thing on this site is your poor argument regarding PC’s being a console. Come back to reality and realize the PC isn’t held back by hardware. The PC is the ultimate possible gaming machine. Why would you put it in category with consoles.

          Oh and Mass Effect 2 is a exclusive release to the PS3 in 2011. Think about it.

    7. you need to make some corrections on the list, its very wrong

      since the point is made again and again that games like Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction are not 360 exclusives because they have a PC version it is only fair to do the same with the PS3, which doesn’t need false padding on its line up lists

      Final Fantasy 14 is not an exclusive, neither is DC online or The Agency (you don’t seem to know about this last one or you’ve included iron your list), they all have PC versions

      neither Final Fantasy Versus 13 or Agent will be released during 2011

      and clearly Mass Effect 2 should not be on any platform’s exclusives list (PC, 360 or PS3)

      • you can ignore PC all you like but there’s a difference between games that are real exclusives like Fable 3 or Uncharted, and multiplatform titles like Final Fantasy 14 or Left 4 Dead

        exclusive means that you can’t play it unless you have the console, and I can play Left 4 Dead and Final Fantasy 14 without a 360 or PS3 in my house (and in superior versions by the way). but I can’t play Halo Reach or God of War 3 unless I have the console for which they were released, those are exclusives

        like you said PC is not a console but it’s a gaming platform, with its own exclusives (like the first Crysis) and multiplatform titles (like the first Gears of War or Final Fantasy 14)

    8. I know this list was jacked from the site formerly known as ScrawlFX,

      but i think we should exclude FF XIV and DC Universe. Those games are on PC, too.

      I don’t count Xbox 360 games that are also available on PC as exclusives (XCOM for example), so we can’t have any double standards.

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