Xbox 360 Console Exclusives 2011

The Xbox 360 definitely has some great exclusives. Yet it may be in a slump compared to the major list of great games that the PS3 has exclusive rights to. Microsoft has a much shorter list, but Gears of War 3 may be the most anticipated game of the year. Even the PS3 players will set down the controller for this title. Forza 4 is the only other recognizable title. With so many new titles exclusive to the Xbox 360 it could be a year of great new empires or a bloody defeat.

The Adventures of Shuggy (Smudged Cat Games, Valcon) – Platformer – TBA 2011
Battleblock Theater (The Behemoth) – Platformer – TBA 2011
Breach (Atomic Games) – Online FPS – January 2011
Codename Kingdoms (Microsoft, Crytek) – Unknown – TBA 2011
Codename Kingdoms (Microsoft, Crytek) – Unknown – TBA 2011
Dust: An Elysian Tail (Microsoft, Noogy) – Platformer – TBA 2011
Fez (Polytron Corporation) – Platformer – TBA 2011
The First Templar (Kalypso Media, Haemimont Games) – Action/Adventure – TBA 2011
Forza Motorsport 4 (Microsoft, Turn 10) – Driving – TBA 2011
Gears of War 3 (Microsoft, Epic Games) – Shooter – Fall 2011
Gun Loco (Square-Enix) – Shooter – TBA 2011
Hybrid (5th Cell) – Shooter – TBA 2011
Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet (Michel Gagne) – Side-Scrolling Shooter – TBA 2011
Rise of Nightmares (Sega) – Horror – TBA 2011 (for Kinect)
The Secret World (Funcom) Release Date: TBA 2011
Virtual-On Force (Sega) – Fighting – TBA 2011
XCOM(2K Games) - Shooter TBA 2011


  • The titles above are subject to change in date. Titles are added through year and therefore this is in no way a complete list.
  • To remove the controversy with exclusive titles that are available on the PC now or in near future I will submit this message: The article was written in the intent that the following games above were only to be released on the 360 console(excluding the PC). This has lead to many frustrated readers which was not my intent. I apologize for the confusion.

12 thoughts on “Xbox 360 Console Exclusives 2011

  1. Great list of console exclusives & nice article. Another great year for xbox and consoles. Outside of uncharted 3 it looks like my ps3 will collect even more dust. Can’t wait to see what more Microsoft comes out with for xbox next year. Hopefully Sony stops with all the kids games and shovelware and comes out with more great titles like heavy rain.

    • Oh Yea, all Sony is releasing are: Uncharted 3, Resistance 3, inFAMOUS 2, Killzone 3, Motorstorm: Apocalypse, LittleBigPlanet 2, Ratchet & Clank All 4 one. Hahahaha I really hope you were being sarcastice because if ANYTHING this is going to be by far the WORST year for the 360. ‘Kids games’ are you serious did u even fucking look at the above list man! the only things worth mentioning on that list are Forza and Gears, and even they are set to be disappointing. Tisk tisk tisk I just lost every shred of respect I had for people who praise the 360.

      • Not all gamers seem to look at the list it seems. I would say given GoW 3. Microsoft has made this a year of multi-platform releases. They seem hopeful they will sell more than Sony. In truth I believe that they may see more only because of Achievement chasers on Xbox live

  2. Are you ok did u actually call gears of war 3 the most aniticipated of the year? are you crazzyy!! maybe commercially maybe gears of war 3 will have alot of advertising bnut when it comes to overall experience do u honestly think PS3 fans will “drop down their controllers” for gears of war 3 when we have uncharted 3 to look forward to? please dont waste our time with stupid little comments ;liek that because i have a ps3 i loveeeee myself some Gears but theres nooooooooo way in blueee hellll i would give gears a second thought in comparison to Uncharted 3 im sorry to say!

  3. Ok not a bad article, but please stop using the old and cliched “XBOX 360 is in a slump when it comes to exclusives”. DOn’t you get it, MS has timing down to a science and for every year that people say they are in a slump or that this year is the year of the PS3 look at what happens.

  4. HI

    congratulations for not including XCOM as a 360 exclusive like most other sites that did a list like this, since that game is multiplatform because of the 360 and PC versions (at least I hope that’s the reason you didn’t include it)

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