Amazon Offering Free Shipping on Games

Get out your wallets because Amazon is offering an AMAZING limited time offer of FREE ONE-DAY shipping on select video game titles just in time for December 25th!  And don’t fret about the titles they are offering because they’re just as hot as the deal!  You can get: Call of Duty: Black Ops, Disney’s Epic Mickey, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit just to name a few!  The hottest games of the season, in your hands the NEXT DAY free of charge!  What’s better than that??

But you better jump on this deal NOW!  According to our sources, you have to place your order on or before December 22nd!  So HURRY!!

And for those of you not in the spirit of giving games to your loved ones, Amazon has a special list of everything you can have shipped One-Day for FREE including Jewelry, Cameras, andComputers!  So whatever you decide to give to that special someone, Amazon will make sure you have it in your hands before December 24th and for FREE!


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