Gears of War 3 Maps will be Epic


Gears of War 3 senior gameplay designer, Lee Perry, has revealed a surprising trend in the gameplay habits of Gears-heads. He told OXM UK that the most-played Gears 2 maps have one thing in common: They’re bright.

“You can almost rank how much [maps are] played by how bright they are,” Perry told OXM. “The darker, dreary, more depressing maps tend to be on the bottom.” Hmm, maybe if they weren’t so dreary or depressing?

Perry said this knowledge has served Epic well in developing next April’s holiday’s Gears 3. The third installment sports a new lighting model, which has helped in the creation of brighter maps. “Even the maps that are ‘dark,’ they’re ‘movie dark,'” he explained. “It just means they’re more blue than dark.” You know, blue can still be pretty darned dreary and depressing — just saying!

Additionally, comments from lead multiplayer level designer Jim Brown suggest Gears 3 might rethink how it presents downloadable maps to users. The Gears of War 2 Flashback map pack, bundled with all new copies of that game at launch, was downloaded by less than 30 percent of the people who played the game — a figure that puzzles Brown. “It was free, in the box, they just never bothered to do it,” he said. “Is it a matter of accessibility? Is it people don’t like typing in a 16-digit code? What’s the reason?” We’ll posit that it was actually because most people never took the manual out of the case.


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