ITC Investigating Lawsuit Regarding Microsoft

ITC launches investigation into Xbox, thanks to Motorola

The International Trade Commission on Friday announced it has launched an investigation into Microsoft’s Xbox business, after Motorola filed a complaint last month that alleged patent infringement.

The two companies are in the beginning stages of a legal battle over Xbox, PC and mobile software.

On Oct. 1, Microsoft sued Motorola for patent infringement and filed a trade complaint. Microsoft again sued Motorola on Nov. 10, alleging the Schaumburg, Ill.-based company has been hiking royalty rates. Motorola fired back the next day with a lawsuit alleging Xbox, PC and mobile patent infringement, and on Nov. 22 filed its complaint with the ITC.

The cases are part of a larger war going on among mobile-technology companies, including legal battles between Apple and HTC, Motorola and Apple, and Nokia and Motorola. You can read more about the “mobile wars” here.


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