Delicious Free Content

Team Meat is on a roll today! The dev duo has announced the next content update for PC will be coming mid-January. This update will include a separate stand-alone .exe which includes the promised level editor.

In the level editor, you will be able to use all items and elements currently found in all levels. The only exception?  Bosses. You will also have the option to lock the level to specific characters, or allow the player to use any character. Once you finish a level the system will then validate it to make sure that the level is beatable.

After the level passes validation, it will be uploaded to the official Super Meat Boy level portal.  This portal will serve as a one-stop shop for all user created levels, sorted by date, difficulty and fun rating (rated by other players).

What else is new?  A world will unlock once you have 20 bandages called “Super Meat World.” This world will act as a hub for hand-picked favorite levels from Team Meat.  Select chapters from this hub will also appear in the XBLA version.  But it gets better!  Coming soon to this hub will be levels designed specially for certain characters, made by the creators of those characters! Matt Thorson will be creating “Jumper” levels, Gaijin games will be designing “bit.trip” levels, Michael O’Reilly will be making “IWBTG” levels and many more!

With this update, players can now, “Enter the Unknown” in a new way.  This function will select random user levels and arrange them into a playlist.  This ensures that there will almost always be unlimited free content in an interesting way.

Team Meat has gone on record saying that they will not be making a Super Meat Boy sequel. I commend them for doing this and I am happy to see so much free content come from them instead.  This content will truly keep Meat Boy alive and well for as long as people support it and give everyone unlimited, free, user-created content.

This is what the games industry should be about… great games and the gamers!



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