SEGA Toylet Games(Japan)

It’s been a hard ride for Sega, the once-glorious videogame giant that rivaled Nintendo during the great console wars of the 80’s and 90’s. Their last hardware offering, the Dreamcast, was an underdog console if ever there was one. But even with a rabid fanbase developing new software for the system, Sega has made no moves to give the system a successor since their reluctant transition into the software business.

Until now. Sort of.

The Toylet is something that I think you’ll agree could only exist in Japan: a urinal-centric videogame system that you control with your … uh … stream. It’s already got four games, all of which use the pressure and direction of your liquid waste to do things like clean graffiti off a virtual wall or — an old standby — lift an anime girl’s dress with a gust of wind. There’s even a competitive aspect that tests the strength of your stream against the person who used it last.

That’s right: Finally, a game that rewards you for holding it in.

Bizarre, yes. But remember that Japan is a country culturally saturated from head to toe in videogames: Arcades line the streets of Akihabara, they have a videogame pop star that’s actually a CG hologram and the most popular activity for young girls involves videogame-likephoto booths. Chances are that most folks over there won’t think twice about playing a game while they do their business.

So give Sega a break. At very least, this means they’ll be making less of their consistently disappointing Sonic The Hedgehog games.


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