Archive Best Games of 2010(PS3)

PlayStation 3 Best Games of 2010:

Best Story Red Dead Redemption
Funniest Game Costume Quest
Best Competitive
Bad Company 2
Best Co-op Games Laura Croft:
The Guardian of Light
Coolest Atmosphere Castlevania:
Lord of Shadows
Most Addictive Game Pac-Man Champ Ed.
Most Innovative Game Heavy Rain
Best Character John Marston
(Red Dead Redemption)

Best Visuals God of War 3
Best Soundtrack Megaman 10
Best Retro Design 3D Dot Game Heroes
Most Bang for Buck The Sly Collection
Most Challenging Megaman 10
Best Quick Fix Hoard
Best Sci-Fi Game Vanquish
Best Horror Game Heavy Rain
Best Fantasy Game Darksiders
Best Sports Game NBA 2K11
Best Blockbuster Game God of War 3
Game of the Year Heavy Rain

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