PlayStation 3 Sony Built in Eyes

Now with the release of the first custom firmware for the PS3, Sony will do whatever it takes in order to prevent piracy to come to the console. Sony first move was to sue the hackers responsible for hacking the PS3. As we all know by now that Sony sued Geohot, Fail0verflow team and others for hacking the console.

Soon, you will hear that more people are playing pirated games on their PS3, which means that software sales for the console will be decreasing over time. Also, the ability to play those games over PSN for free will make the PS3 console the most favorite among pirates.

But if you think that Sony can’t ban you if you play pirated games over PSN, think again. The amount of access Sony has to your machine is greater than you probably imagine. According to a Neogaf user , When you turn on your system, the console communicates with a set of Sony servers, and a log of applications run on the system is almost certainly transmitted. Which means, Sony can know what is running on your system. Also, Sony has the ability to completely disable your console if they wanted to do so, which means it will remain non-functional whether you’re online or offline.

So if Sony can’t fix the security issues by releasing patches, expect to see the ban hammer sooner than later.



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