Half Life: Episode 3?

Now, as you can see, the image produced looks eerily familiar to the Borealis.

Valve’s been running a rather interesting Portal 2 ARG, dropping cryptic hints and tips. Now, fans seems to have finally, managed to crack the code, and they’ve found pure gold at the end of it, all.

Valve’s apparently, been teasing nothing else, but Half Life 2: Episode 3 via this ARG if all these carefully collected hints are to be believed. Don’t take our word for it, though. Take a look yourself:

Image 1: After days of hard work, the fans have managed to draw this mysterious outline, as can be seen in the image below:

Some fans are photoshop experts it seem, as they’ve managed to create an image out of the outline, through some intelligent use of masking.

Now, anyone remember the Borealis? If you do, anyone remember the exact same figure in the HL universe? No, then look below:

There you have it? Although, a bit far fetched, but Valve are known for such subtle yet effective marketting campaigns. Does it mean, a new Half Life game is due? Only time will tell, but this is sure to get Half Life fans excited.

Let us know your thoughts regarding this below.


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