PSN Down for Upgrade

I could write another useless article about what to do while PSN is down, or I could write another “It was all anonymous” article. Hell I could go the route of certain three letter named website and blatantly bash PSN from the viewpoint of an Xbot paying for Live, but why snoop to that level?

It was an external attack; there was nothing Sony could do to prevent the stupidity of someone else. Every network or computer that connects to the internet is vulnerable, and someone happened to find Sony’s weak spot. Sony did what was right and shut the network down and prevented any issues from happening. They protected us, the consumers and gamers that trust their network and their services. They prevented frustration and invasion of privacy, and are preventing it from happening in the future. What would we say if Xbox Live had to do the same? Do you get what you pay for then?

With that being said, this isn’t Sony’s fault. Why is everyone jumping to the conclusion that Sony owes us? Would you rather them leave it online and allow the hackers to steal your information? Allow the constant disconnects to frustrate the hell out of you? I didn’t think so. A major corporation is not going to give you updates about every step they take to fix a problem, otherwise they might as well hand the lock and key right to the hackers.

However let’s say Sony did want to “reimburse” us for something to say sorry. What could possibly make us all happy? Well the PSN is already down and based upon recent updates it won’t be up for another day or two at the earliest. So while it is down, why not upgrade it? Why not add streamlined features like that of Steam in Portal 2? Take the “you get what you pay for” words of other websites and shove them right back where they came from. Security fixes are always great and show Sony are always looking out for us, but unless they release an email and press release when it’s all over….the average consumer isn’t going to care. Even if they do that, most gamers will not care. Beyond giving away games, or anything of that nature, a simple network upgrade would make everyone wet their pants in excitement.

The networks down anyways, so why not?

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