Is Microsoft Server at Risk of Hack?

The PlayStation Network hacking has left many gamers worried about their finances. Now as a Xbox 360 player it does not effect me. I have nothing against the PS3. I just don’t own one. I am however concerned now that my account on Xbox live could become threatened by a future hack. This leaves me skeptical on whether or not I should be a member. I don’t really play much online games. I use to play PSU on the 360, but haven’t played since I switched to the Japanese server.

Should we be worried about a hacking on the Microsoft server? I believe the answer is not really. Once a hacker makes the break. He is at risk of being caught a second time. Not to mention that Microsoft is a corporation that designs computer programs that run the PC. So if the Microsoft Xbox Live team has not responded to the PSN hacking. They aren’t doing their jobs. At this time I would say to relax. The chances that a hacker would attempt a hack so soon after a PSN hack is very unlikely. Microsoft personnel are on high alert for at least a few months.

By the way: Sorry to all the PSN players who’s personal info was made public by Sony’s security breach. Your wallet may shrink, but sell all those unused games on the shelf and look who got a Benjamin Franklin back.


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