PSN Hacked = My Gmail Hacked

Disclaimer: This is a rant, and one hell of a rant. This information may not be 100% factual, merely speculation, so do not take this as fact without investigating it yourself first. N4G users please read the bottom of this post.

So I like most of you am on the Playstation Network, foolishly trusting my details with a multi national corporation. This morning I went to log into my Gmail account which is the same account that is tied to my Playstation Network account, and low and behold I couldn’t log into it and needed to undergo phone verification due to unusual activity. This is the same account that I had logged into just 8 hours prior.

I went through this process and ended up in my inbox where most of my friends had sent me a mail telling me to stop spamming them with links. It turns out that my Gmail account for the first time in 6 years has been hacked and I’ve been sending out hundreds of emails to people with various dodgy looking URLs in them.

I instantly ran MalwareBytes and some other programs on both computers that I use that Gmail account on and they came back totally clean. I couldn’t work out what the problem could have been, and that’s when it hit me that I used the same password for my PSN account. So my PSN account is my email and password and so is my email (obviously). Now a lot of people may think it stupid to use the same password for those 2 things, maybe, but then again I can’t say when looking at Sony or Google that I really expected any security issue, so more fool me.

I decided to check online to see if anyone else was having this problem and noticed that for the past 12 hours a lot of people are complaining about their Gmails, Hotmails and other mail providers being hacked.

The long and the short of it seems to be that if you’re using the same email and password to log in to other sites as you have been using for your PSN, change the password immediately.

UPDATE TO THE HORDE OF N4G: An open message to the people of N4G. You asked me why people would bother hacking email accounts, because there is no repurcussion you fools. Hacking peoples credit accounts is instant prison time, breaking into someones email is nothing, outright, zero. You can still spam CPA offers (look it up, you’re supposed to be intelligent, you should know what that means) to an entire contact list (with that added element of trust) and make boat loads of money without breaking any law and still majorly cashing in.

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