Apology from Sony Executives

Kazuo Hirai, Sony’s second in command and the chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment offered Sony’s apologies today, giving consumers some much needed official word from the company regarding the security breach. Much of the information from the press conference was sent out in a press release after the conference.

One telling detail of the actual event that could not be conveyed by a press release was a formal apology from Hirai and a very deep seven-second bow from the three executives present, a very meaningful gesture in Japanese culture, saying “we would like to extend our apologies because we potentially compromised their customer data. We offer our sincerest apologies.”

Acknowledging not enough had been done in security precautions, Hirai said the road to regaining customer trust was the prime concern.

“I see my work as first making sure Sony can regain the trust from our users,” Hirai said.

The PSN outage is not the only cyber-trouble plaguing Sony right now. Later in the conference Hirai noted that Anonymous is still on Sony’s radar, and coming from a top executive, obviously in a big way.

“we have also received attacks from Internet group Anonymous,”Hirai said. “These kind of attacks… may not be limited only to Sony.”

Although they might not be related to the data loss intrusion, Anonymous has publicized personal information about Sony’s top management on the Internet. Hirai said the company will cooperate fully regarding the threats with necessary law enforcement for “the safety of a networked society.”

When asked why nothing was said for so long Hirai said it was necessary for Sony to take action, Hirai said the company acted “in a gradual way,” in order to “prevent any spread of the damages.” Sony took the network down, which took “more time than expected,” then hired three outside security companies to help in “sifting through the voluminous data” related to the attack, which took “more time than we had hoped.”

Hirai said the company needed to be sure they had the full story before coming forward. This sentiment goes against the notion some users have about Sony purposefully holding back information.

Hirai was also clear on the current attacks not delaying Sony’s product plans including a tablet mobile device, and the NGP.

Source: Daily Mail Online 2nd


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