Gears of War 3 Beta

So Epic Games has released the Beta to one of the biggest games of 2011. I have played all game types and feel it is important to express the pro’s and con’s of each. The game is going to be a lot of fun as far as story goes, but I had some huge issues with the new game play style.

The Gameplay:

So after spending hours playing the beta. I have found out as much as I can about what is failing and working. While GoW is known for shotgun and actives. The third installment has completely changed direction. The creator’s stated that the series needed to evolve. The question I have asked many times is. What was broken in the first game. Yes the shotgun is a popular weapon. I don’t like the random damage with shotgun. No one liked active reloads because it gave host a even more dangerous shotgun. If Epic Games was looking to evolve the series. They should start by creating servers. No more host. They lied about GoW 2 going server. This is a serious problem. Epic Games is failing to reach their fan base.

Gears of War is not Call of Duty! They need to realize that. They are a unique game style that reaches a very dedicated fan base. They have turned Gears of War into Call of Duty.

First point: Team Death Match
15 lives that can be used by all team mates. Problem, GoW is about valuing your life. To use intelligence and strategy to kill your opponent. With 15 lives spread around, it becomes a shorter version of CoD.

Second Point: Weapons
They added some cool weapons. but…ya exactly. I don’t like to play lancer games. I like rushing for a special weapons. Having a real shotgun, not a sawed-off shotgun. To have a battle of the skills, and winner walks away to fight on. Bottom line is this, it’s nice to evolve, but to change the way a gamer takes on the game because you don’t like the obsessive shotgun usage is dumb. Time to listen to the fans, not the nerds making the game.

Third Point: Spawning
I have played hours and hours of CTF/KOTH and I have never been so annoyed at the spawning system. You get spawn killed every game. Some people have no honor in games. Therefore you have to make it harder for the jerks to cheat and play dishonorably.

Fourth Point: CTF
This is a very small complaint, but has really been frustrating none the less. The leader is chosen by rank. Now I understand that the highest rank is the most experienced player usually. I do however see a problem with always being leader here is my thought. Make the choice based on the rank.
Player 1 Rank 20 —Leader 1st Round
Player 2 Rank 18 —Leader 2nd Round
Player 3 Rank 12 —Leader 1st Round
Player 4 Rank 7   —Leader 2nd Round
Every match switch the order. If a player leaves the group they reset their own order. A new player that joins is automatically leader next round or match.

The story line better be solid or I will gladly walk away from this series. Your on life support Epic Games.


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