A $38,000 NES Cartridge?…

Yesterday, we posted about a $6,500 NES cartridge currently for sale on eBay. That particular cartridge was quite rare, but not nearly as rare as another cartridge currently up for sale, one going for a whopping $38,000.

The cartridge in question this time is Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events, a game so outrageously rare that it easily constitutes the most valuable actually-released NES game on the enthusiast market. Of course, there’s an interesting story behind Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events, and one that warrants an explanation.

Do you remember the NES-era peripheral known as the Power Pad? The Power Pad was released by Nintendo in 1988, and it was packaged with the game World Class Track Meet. Power Pads and copies of World Class Track Meet are incredibly common. What aren’t so common are the Power Pads and World Class Track Meet cartridges that were released by the original minds behind the game and peripheral at Bandai.

 In North America, Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events was released to limited stores and in limited numbers in 1987. The game was hard to find, and was only on the market in that form for a very brief time before Nintendo bought the rights to the game and released it on its own. And thus, copies of Family Fun Fitness: Stadium Events are exceedingly rare, and exceedingly expensive.

And the one on eBay right now? It’s sealed, thoroughly increasing its value.

So who’s going to add this game to his or her rare games collection?


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