When will Sony Fix Their Security Issue’s?

So it seems to me like every time Sony looks stable they have another unexpected set back. Sony announced that password reset has been disabled for both website as well as PSN Network. They were quoted on forums as saying that a threat was established that could compromise the security once again. So in order to keep accounts from being locked out by data hacked from prior weeks. They decided to keep the option closed for the security of all customers.

A little too late Sony! The security of your customers is gone. Personally I have no desire to even think about playing another PS3 game online. Cause I don’t want to deal with the personal information that could be leaked. Thankfully offline is still an option. I play offline and spend more time on my Xbox 360 now. It may cost to play online through Microsoft, but I bet the profit they get from online gamers goes to keeping customers personal info safe from the hacking community.


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