Pandora’s Tower

The game uses 8 save blocks. I repeat. The game uses 8 save blocks.

(Note: There’s no particular reason why I repeated that).

Next, the commercial that was shared at the game’s official site today.

Next next, a scan from the game’s pamphlet.

See that text next to Ceres? It says “Can you continue to love me even when I’m like this?” It’s the same dialogue that Ceres says at the beginning of the commercial.

If you’ll recall, the first teaser from the game earlier this year showed a similar statement from Ceres, only it wasn’t clear what it meant. Of course, we now know that Ceres is slowly losing her humanity after having been inflicted with a mysterious curse. She’s asking if you can still love her even as she transforms into beast form.

I say cheer Ceres up by giving her a carrot!

Next next next, another image from the game’s pamphlet:

The screens to the lower right shows what happens to Ceres over time as the curse takes over. During gameplay, you can keep track of Ceres’ fall to beast form via the gauge in the lower left of the screen. If she gets too beastly, you’ll want to exit the current tower you’re progressing through and give her some of the flesh you’ve obtained from the beasts that roam the tower.

There are different types of flesh — or perhaps meat is the correct term. From left to right in the above diagram, there’s dry meat fragment, beast meat, dripping meat and pulsing meat. Dry meat has the lowest effect on recovering Ceres. The pulsing meat is most effective.

Finally (or next, next, next, next), the the game’s review score. Famitsu’s four reviewers gave the game a 7, 7, 9 and 8. Praise included good tempo, lots of extra stuff to do, and the match between the nunchuck and chain actions. The reviewers were apparently not so enamored by the game’s visuals.

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