Gaming is Dead!

What was once a industry of creativity. Has become a industry of greed and control. Why do I say this. Cause 99% of games today follow the same trend and push incomplete games for 60$ and than pull another 20$ for add-ons. The era of story and graphics is over. Now its all about how many multiplayer maps can we push on the idiots who spend countless hours playing a game that will be yesterdays news in a year or less. Example: Call of Duty. How many more titles are gonna release before they actually make a new game with some new ideas. The answer is when they stop making billions on suckers.

Is that to honest? How long till the gamer score craze dies. Or how long till people stop paying for Xbox live. I found out if you use a credit card for a gold account they put out an auto-renew. It doesn’t matter if you bought a 3 month or a 12 month subscription. Even worst is the fact that a product you pay for is covered in ads? They promote products and charge you 10$ a month almost for a dashboard of ads. Microsoft you won’t get a penny out of me. i won’t pay for gold anymore.

The gaming industry we all knew is dead. It will never revive cause money is power. Until we stop buying games like Cars 2 or Lego Star Wars they will keep forcing them down our throat. You wanna see the industry change. Don’t buy CoD games or EA Sports Games. I swear they would go crazy if the gamers they count on to buy their de-javu games stopped wasting money on them and just used Gamefly to get achievements.

The worst part about this new industry is the disappointment I get when I play a game. The graphics are still the same. The storyline is mediocre. The game play is either good or bad. When can we see another great hit like Red Dead Redemption. The answer is when they bring out Red Dead Redemption 2. They won’t end a series. Cause the want to suck money out of us. So we will buy every new installment no matter how bad it is and then cry about how lazy they are.

Time to wake up. Americans want great games from all genre’s. No more CoD over and over. Make a new game you lazy scrubs! Stop milking the same thing because idiots like to shoot stuff. We wanna be wow’d like Halo did. Better yet like Gears of War did. Remember how different it was? Hey I wanna play shooters just like all other Americans, but variety is indeed the spice of life.


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