History of WWE Championship

History of WWE Championship

Champion Defeated Location Date Video
Buddy Rogers Antonino Rocca Rio de Janeiro 04-29-63
Bruno Sammartino Buddy Rogers New York, NY 05-17-63
Ivan Koloff Bruno Sammartino New York, NY 01-18-71
Pedro Morales Ivan Koloff New York, NY 02-08-71
Stan Stasiak Pedro Morales Philadelphia, PA 12-01-73
Bruno Sammartino Stan Stasiak New York, NY 12-10-73
Superstar Billy Graham Bruno Sammartino Baltimore, MD 04-30-77
Bob Backlund Superstar Billy Graham New York, NY 02-20-78
The Iron Sheik Bob Backlund New York, NY 12-26-83
Hulk Hogan The Iron Sheik New York, NY 01-23-84
Andre the Giant Hulk Hogan Indianapolis, IN 02-05-88
Randy Savage Ted DiBiase Atlantic City, NJ 03-27-88
Hulk Hogan Randy Savage Atlantic City, NJ 04-02-89
Ultimate Warrior Hulk Hogan Toronto, Ontario 04-01-90
Sgt. Slaughter Ultimate Warrior Miami, FL 01-19-91 Watch
Hulk Hogan Sgt. Slaughter Los Angeles, CA 03-24-91 Watch
Undertaker Hulk Hogan Detroit, MI 11-27-91 Watch
Hulk Hogan Undertaker San Antonio, TX 12-03-91 Watch
Ric Flair n/a Albany, NY 01-19-92
Randy Savage Ric Flair Indianapolis, IN 04-05-92 Watch
Ric Flair Randy Savage Hershey, PA 09-01-92
Bret Hart Ric Flair Saskatoon 10-12-92 Watch
Yokozuna Bret Hart Las Vegas, NV 04-04-93 Watch
Hulk Hogan Yokozuna Las Vegas, NV 04-04-93 Watch
Yokozuna Hulk Hogan Dayton, OH 06-13-93 Watch
Bret Hart Yokozuna New York, NY 03-20-94
Bob Backlund Bret Hart San Antonio, TX 11-23-94 Watch
Diesel Bob Backlund New York, NY 11-26-94
Bret Hart Diesel Landover, MD 11-19-95
Shawn Michaels Bret Hart Anaheim, CA 03-31-96
Sid Shawn Michaels New York, NY 11-17-96
Shawn Michaels Sid San Antonio, TX 01-19-97 Watch
Bret Hart Undertaker Chattanooga, TN 02-16-97
Sid Bret Hart Nashville, TN 02-17-97
Undertaker Sid Chicago 03-23-97 Watch
Bret Hart Undertaker East Rutherford, N.J. 08-03-97 Watch
Shawn Michaels Bret Hart Montreal 11-09-97 Watch
Stone Cold Shawn Michaels Boston 03-29-98
Kane Stone Cold Pittsburgh 06-28-98
Stone Cold Kane Cleveland 06-29-98
The Rock Mankind St. Louis, Mo. 11-15-98
Mankind The Rock Worcester, Mass. 01-04-99
The Rock Mankind Anaheim, Calif. 01-24-99
Mankind The Rock Tucson, Ariz. 01-31-99
The Rock Mankind Birmingham, Ala. 02-15-99
Stone Cold The Rock Philadelphia 03-28-99
Undertaker Stone Cold Kansas City, Mo. 05-23-99
Stone Cold Undertaker Charlotte, N.C. 06-28-99
Mankind Stone Cold Minneapolis 08-22-99
Triple H Mankind Ames, Iowa 08-23-99
Mr. McMahon Triple H Las Vegas 09-16-99
Triple H n/a Charlotte, N.C. 09-26-99
Big Show Triple H Detroit 11-14-99
Triple H Big Show Miami 01-03-00
The Rock Triple H Washington, D.C. 04-30-00
Triple H The Rock Louisville, Ky. 05-21-00
The Rock Triple H Boston 06-25-00
Kurt Angle The Rock Albany, N.Y. 10-22-00
The Rock Kurt Angle Las Vegas 02-25-01
Stone Cold The Rock Houston 04-01-01
Kurt Angle Stone Cold Pittsburgh 09-23-01
Stone Cold Kurt Angle Indianapolis 10-08-01
Chris Jericho Stone Cold San Diego 12-09-01
Triple H Chris Jericho Toronto 03-17-02
Hulk Hogan Triple H Kansas City, Mo. 04-21-02
Undertaker Hulk Hogan Nashville, Tenn. 05-19-02 Watch
The Rock Undertaker Detroit 07-21-02 Watch
Brock Lesnar The Rock Uniondale, N.Y. 08-25-02
Big Show Brock Lesnar New York, N.Y. 11-17-02
Kurt Angle Big Show Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 12-15-02
Brock Lesnar Kurt Angle Seattle 03-30-03
Kurt Angle Brock Lesnar Denver 07-27-03
Brock Lesnar Kurt Angle Raleigh, N.C. 09-18-03 Watch
Eddie Guerrero Brock Lesnar San Francisco 02-15-04
JBL Eddie Guerrero Norfolk, Va. 06-27-04
John Cena JBL Los Angeles 04-03-05
Edge John Cena Albany, N.Y. 01-08-06
John Cena Edge Miami 01-29-06
Rob Van Dam John Cena New York 06-11-06
Edge RVD & John Cena Philadelphia 07-03-06
John Cena Edge Toronto 09-17-06
Randy Orton n/a Chicago 10-07-07
Triple H Randy Orton Chicago 10-07-07
Randy Orton Triple H Chicago 10-07-07
Triple H Randy Orton Baltimore 04-27-08
Edge Triple H Boston 11-23-08
Jeff Hardy Edge Buffalo, N.Y. 12-14-08
Edge Jeff Hardy Detroit 01-25-09
Triple H n/a Seattle 02-15-09
Randy Orton Triple H Providence, R.I. 04-26-09
Batista Randy Orton New Orleans 06-07-09
Randy Orton n/a Charlotte, N.C. 06-15-09
John Cena Randy Orton Montreal 09-13-09
Randy Orton John Cena Newark, N.J. 10-04-09
John Cena Randy Orton Pittsburg, Pa. 10-25-09
Sheamus John Cena San Antonio 12-13-09
Batista John Cena St. Louis 02-21-10
John Cena Sheamus St. Louis 02-21-10
John Cena Batista Phoenix 03-28-10
Sheamus John Cena, Randy Orton & Edge Uniondale, N.Y. 06-20-10
Randy Orton Sheamus Chicago 09-19-10
The Miz Randy Orton Orlando 11-22-10 Watch
John Cena The Miz Tampa 05-01-11

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