Best Current Generation Series

Any gamer that has followed this series will agree. It is the best RPG series of this generation. When I think franchise gold, Mass Effect is near the top.

Yes Madden is a long running franchise. No doubt it has had some really bad years in improvement. Madden 12 has been the rebirth to a franchise that will never die.

Epic Games lied about many features, and for that Cliff should be ruined. I however want more of this franchise. This franchise is on thin ice, if the game doesn’t have all the promised features, Cliff will be on unemployment, and this is one series I love.

Uncharted is a must. The Exclusive PS3 title saved the console from becoming just another dust collector. Sony made a good decision in taking this franchise. Best game on the PS3.

I only added Call of Duty for the fans. I personally hate the franchise ever since they made Mw2. How many deja vu’s must we endure before CoD evolves. Battlefield 3 is looking better mainly because it is something different. CoD is a over franchised series based on greed.


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