Review: Dynasty Warriors 7

Dynasty Warriors is one of my favorite series. Although it is far from creative, and the games never seem to change. The series has survived because it promotes mindless slaughter and a challenge. Dynasty Warriors 7 finally has implemented the actual story of The Three Kingdom’s. Including the overrun of the Han Dynasty and the Rise of the Jin Dynasty.

The story is split into four parts. Each part details the rise and fall of each Kingdom. The 3 main are Wei, Wu, and Shu. Jin is a final chapter involving the fall of the three kingdom’s.

Added into the game is a variation of Conquest mode. If you have ever played Empires you understand what that is. It’s a simpler form that extends the gameplay past the story. In order the unlock all the weapons you have to play conquest mode.

If you are an achievement chaser. This game has easy achievements that take time more than effort.

I recommend you at least gamefly or rent this game. It is a great improvement, and hours of fun.


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