Review – Dead Island

What makes the perfect zombie game? Is it the challenge? The weapons? Maybe more than anything it’s the pace at which you make your heroic escape. Or in Dead Island’s case, How many you help and save only to get stabbed in the back in the end.

Dead Island takes place…go figure, on an island. You wake to discover you are alone and confused on the events of the last 24 hours. A voice from the intercom of a hotel gives you advice on how to make it out of the hotel. After a fall in an elevator and a run from the little leaches you arrive once again to unconsciousness.

Reawakened from dreams unknown, you are asked to save some crazy git who ended up outside the hut. Grabbing your trust boat paddle you rush out and save said idiot. This begins the never ending quests for help and pointless adventures.

Overall I say Dead Island is great for a infected game. The Rpg style is really close to many others that I have played. Which isn’t always a bad thing. If you enjoy a constant challenge this game is recommended. If you want to just kill maybe try another Zombie game. Left for Dead is great for running and gunning. Dead Island will bring out the survivalist in all.


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