Madden 12 Online Lacks Sportsmanship

Is gaming ever going to get passed the unsportsmanlike conduct. In reality nope, but one would like to believe the least ambitious gamer has some sort of honor. Even if the choose to ignore that honor on a day to day basis. Lemme give you and example of both sportsmanship and lack thereof.

Game 1: Madden 12 Online Team play

Saints(Me – Other players quit) vs. Packers(All three players)
Saints 14
Packers 56
The reason I say lack of honor is simple. They always went for it on 4th down. They ran the score up with play action passing in the last 2 minutes of game. The score at 2 minute warning 14-42. I am not saying they don’t deserve to win. I am saying that they did not need to run up a decided game just to be unsporting.

Game 2: Madden 12 Online Team play

Jets(3 players) vs. Eagles(Me – other players quit)
Jets 0
Eagles 31
Now in this game I had no one to help me. My teammates quit in the first quarter before we even scored. I played conservatively throughout and in the end I was even gracious enough to dive on two occasions when I could have ran for another touchdown. In the last 30 seconds they chose to take all 3 timeouts and after they kept exploiting the offsides call to delay an end to the game. Thankfully EA implemented a kicked feature for being poor sport. The game finally ended as the game will end it automatically if the players are exploiting the game.

Here’s the bottom line. Gaming is about enjoying a game as it was intended. Not glitching or exploiting games for personal pleasure. Someday I hope to play against those who play games as intended and enjoy the game win or lose.


2 thoughts on “Madden 12 Online Lacks Sportsmanship

  1. Amen. I’m glad to finally to hear someone else talking about poor sportsmanship. I’ve experienced both scenarios. I’ll even send them a message and see if they might rethink their attitude. I think it’s part of the gaming culture, where it has become tolerated or accepted for online players to display poor sportsman-like conduct. Have you tried joining a community? That might be one way to avoid it. I’m waiting for Madden 13 to come out and then depending on what online options they have, I might try joining or creating a community. If you or anyone are interested, shoot me an email.

    • Unfortunately when there are no serious consequences for poor sportsmanship, there is nothing stopping people from it.

      I try to enjoy the Superstar mode instead. I sure it is better than last years travesty.

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