Review – WWE ’12

When it comes to wrestling games their is one that has made the grade. Even if the grade is around a C. WWE games have always had problems. Bad gameplay is the top complaint, but even graphics and customization have lacked over the years.

Here is what they need to succeed. More characters, more free creation in their creation center, an environment with more destructive capability, fighting in crowd, move to the outdoors, and even have garage fights. WWE is about extreme destruction and breaking the rules and laws of physics.


The biggest complaint I have is a lack of good Legends. When I play WWE I like to experience a fight against Shawn Michael’s and Bret Hart. Not The Miz and Jack Swagger. Character selection is so important in this game.


The best part about the WWE is uniqueness. This game lacked that in a huge way. Here’s an idea to run with THQ. Instead of making pre-made video’s, make a system that let’s you upload a video from your Xbox. Nowadays you can pretty much edit a great video and make a seriously epic entrance.  Character creation was solid and all the entrance enhancements were nice, but I think the entrance features could use some more enhancements.

Destructive Capability:

Extreme rules, TLC, and ladder matches. The jungle of the WWE. When I think extreme rules I think high flying, zero fear, leave it all on the battle field wrestling. I want to use the whole arena as a weapon.

Crowd fighting and Outdoors:

Remember games in the past when you would irish whip The Masterpiece over the wall and smack him around all over the crowd. Than in the heat of the fight you would end up outside using cars and goodness knows what else to destroy your opponent.

Overall the game has some great new feature. The most notable is injuries and WWE Universe(Improved)


2 thoughts on “Review – WWE ’12

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