Games to Buy this Holiday Season

Skyrim is the game to buy for the kids. Not only is it a game that will suck up a lot of time, but it has a great story. Kids will be content on this game for weeks Mom and Dad.

Assassins Creed Revelations is a top pick for me. The second sequel to Assassin’s Creed 2 is a must play. Ubisoft struck gold with this game. The story and gameplay is the best Ubisoft has to offer.

For games that will keep the little brats quiet and content look no further than the laziest game makers money maker. Modern Warfare 3 is to say the least addictive online, but a waste of money for story line.


2 thoughts on “Games to Buy this Holiday Season

  1. At what age range are we defining “kids?” At least two of those games are rated “M” and all three are violent. Given the incredible variety of play experiences available in Skyrim in particular, I would be hesitant to recommend any of these games to parents for their children.

    I’m not of the school that opposes violence in video games or seeks to censor them, but there are ages of appropriateness for who plays what.

    Certainly, you have highlighted three of the most anticipated games this winter. I’ll agree whole-heartedly with that.

    Yours Truly,
    Comrade Bingo

    • I hear your concerns in regards to the M rating. When I was a kid my parents had no idea what it meant and did not monitor games at all. Times have changed and parents control that more. I do however know that kids still play these games even with good monitoring. I have played multiplayer games like Gears of War with little kids on mic cussing and calling me names I would never allow my girls to say.

      Sure maybe I shouldn’t encourage kids to play games like Skyrim because it has suggestive themes. However I would be appalled if kids were not introduced to true creative games like Skyrim and Assassin’s Creed. Games that truly excel in their genre’s.

      Over protectiveness only makes kids worse as they grow older. Let them experience the games and if they play a game like Skyrim explain to them it’s just a game. Most kids won’t play Skyrim anyway since it requires more than blind firing or glitching.

      Oh and Age range would have to be around 10 minimum. Games like Gears of War have more swear words than necessary and therefore would be out of the question. I think Skyrim and AC are mild in comparison, but it is after all my opinion.

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