Review – Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

After years of waiting the game that introduced me to racing is back. Is it as good as the original. In many ways it is. They did a great job on adding more to the game. Including cars and new pursuit features. The graphics are superb, and the ranking system was well designed.

New add-ons:

Speeders now have spike strips and all the other features. They are limited however, but still makes it fun to get pursued. Helicopters, EMP, and roadblocks are essential to a cops arsenal.

Online Play:

3 modes are available, Intercepter(1v1 cop/suspect), Hot Pursuit(up to 4v4 cop/suspect), and Racing(Self explanatory).  They did a good job implementing the online play into the career mode. It really doesn’t differ much. Both are designed to challenge and entertain.

Replay Value:

This game is definitely re-playable. It has a time based system that competes with friends. So even if you do finish career, it will take you a while to gold medal all the challenges(100GP achievement).

Achievement Challenge:

This game is recommended for those looking for easy achievements, time is the biggest factor. Most achievements are based on unlocking all the cars on both Cop and suspect.


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