Games that Nailed Multiplayer

The biggest craze these days is multiplayer, but what games did it right? In truth no game is perfection, but some games test skill and others test stealth. Here are some of my favorite online games.

Ah Gears of War. The beginning of a franchise masterpiece. While it may be hosted instead of server run, it does bring out the inner hate of its dedicated community. I still play it, and I find many strange gamers that play it. Most of the community are hardcore players who go to any length to win. Although there are those rare players who play without using some of the dirtier tactics to win. Active reloads are apart of the game, but no one is gonna worship you when you active down someone with the sniper. The two-piece is a favorite as well. Simply run up and hit your opponent and fire, they go down and you look like a jerk(Of course it is customary to use the sniper and miss a head shot as they stand up). I love how mexicans just paraded into Gears of War and made the connection so bad you end up quitting the room. Talking smack to people on Gears of War is traditional, it gets the blood boiling and leads to easy kills of rage rushes.

Back before perks beyond reality and the constant death at spawn there was Modern Warfare. In all it’s original glory it was a masterpiece. You could kill with legit playing and a brain. The game was well programmed and didn’t get all buggy. The prestige was a big plus and it rewarded the hardcore gamer. Truly no Call of Duty will ever surpass it(that is if they never program it from scratch, seriously those lazy goofs are so determined to save cost.)

There is no doubt that Madden is among my favorite franchises. I love to set up a blitz package with zone coverage and watch the other player panic throw it right into my DB’s hands. Even though EA is a bunch of thief’s that charge you to play online if you buy used they do have a right(Not that I like it). You can team up with others, or go head to head with someone to prove domination. Quitting is frowned upon, so hold the sore loser accountable, and don’t forget to send him a nice message. They always reply with some poor excuse of a dirty word about being a girl(Which they wish would talk >.<).

The top game over the last few years has been 2K’s NBA game. They put a solid game together. They give you a my player mode that is just as good as hockey. Press time, Draft preparation, and a chance to get as far away from the Cavalier’s who drafted you. Hard work is key in my player mode, if you don’t put in the time, it’s bench time. Association mode gives you a chance to make your favorite team the best. Solid shooting style and a great online mode. Team up with others, play head to head, or franchise it up with others.


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