Games I Recently Tackled on the Xbox 360

Ok ok I know a game that was released almost five years ago is a little behind the times. In truth I played through the story, but neglected the achievement hunter mentality. So now I go back for a little deja vu. It was a good game and I am excited to continue the story with the 2nd game releasing this year.

So the other game I am almost done with is Dynasty Warriors Empires 5. I also played this game back in 2007, I checked my history. The game has silly easy achievements if your an achievement hunter. I say maybe a day worth of play if you use max officers. The game is fun and one of the better Empires they released. I can’t wait for Empires 7.

I know I am so behind the times, but I do work so I play when I can. I love to play as the Suns, although I am a Lakers fan for life. The suns just have a solid offense to keep the tempo high. The game is fun and even though online is not my thing,   I have more than half the achievements for it. Woot!


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