Avoid the Used EA Games

EA doesn’t release a game anymore without an Online Pass inside. This is to crunch down on the gamer’s that buy pre-owned. Is it worth buying pre-owned EA games? Not really no. You ask why? Well to be honest most of your EA games older than 2 years have had server shutdowns. So even if you did buy the game it would be good for only offline modes.

Sometimes you get lucky and someone never used the online pass. That is rare though. Most of your Gamestop employees will remove that card before putting on shelf for resale. This is to keep the customer from expecting online capability.

The real question is does EA really have a right to charge for online access? More importantly do they realize a majority of gamer’s don’t buy new because they can’t afford it. They can charge the online fee for used game buyers, but I have a hunch that the majority of us will just buy something else now instead. Now have you ever noticed how many online achievements they put on their Xbox 360 games? At least a 1/4 of the games achievements require a gold account and a EA Online Pass. Hmmm suspicious…


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