Five Games I Can’t Wait to Play

I know what your thinking, their are a lot of games coming out that are going to rock. My personal fave five are up and I think most will agree. Enjoy!

Mass Effect 3 is gonna be the best game of 2012. The multiplayer demo was great fun and I am sure that the real game will have many more secrets that we don’t know about. This game is gonna make my all time fave list for sure.

Borderlands 2 makes this list because I was a total Borderlands 1 fanatic. I love the style of this RPG shooter. They really did a solid job with the mechanics of the game. This new game has a lot more to offer the gamer who wants and expects great RPG action.

So is it wrong to grow up slapping hookers and shooting people? Because I did a lot of that as a kid. This series has had my attention since the days of PS1. Nothing is better than the GTA style violence. I can’t wait!

I was an MLG Halo 3 player. Not I was good enough to be a MLG player. I really did compete for 2 years in the MLG circuit. It was a lot of fun and I do want another Halo with Master Chief. I just hope that 323 Industries can deliver.

Finally the other game I am so excited about is Twisted Metal. I loved this game and with a couple friends to play with it provided hours of fun and arguments. I hope this generation of gamer’s appreciates this game as much as we did.


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