Sony has High Demand for PSP and PS2

SCEA Boss Jack Tretton was asked by Forbes whether the PSP would still receive support and future games, and replied:

The PSP will continue to sell on at $129. Right now there is more demand for PSP than there is production capacity… that is pretty much truth with the PlayStation 2 as well. PlayStation 2 will continue to sell as long as we can build it profitably and there is an audience for it, and PSP will follow that same trend.

Ironically enough the PSP and PS2 are still in high demand around the country. This is no great surprise to me since I happen to love the PS2. I still have so many classic PS1 and 2 games that I will always keep my PS2 no matter what.

I hope they always have the PS2 on the market, in fact they would sell a ton of PS1’s if they released that system as well. Just saying profit is profit.


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