Review – NBA 2K12

There is no sports game on the market today that has wowed me more. This game is not only superior to it’s competition, but it shows what hard work gets you. I am a huge fan of my player mode. I was blown away by the improvements made to this feature. Drafting is based on one game and then three interviews with different teams based on your performance. I was drafted to the 76ers. Maybe not the best team to find yourself on, but I feel like a get more chance to prove my worth. I picked a shooting guard that is primarily a scorer. I play only about 10 mins a game with 12 minute quarters, but I am only 4 games in. I really pushed on the forums for contract feature and a more involved system. You have not only a contract to negotiate, but even better is the actual paycheck system. You get a payday which gives you the usual buying options that a pro would chase after. You can also give money to charities. I loved that!

Another great feature is the more involved commentary. They sound like they are more than just recorded zombies. They call out specific players during a game and even talk about your player in my player mode. Gameplay is much better and even more realistic. If you take a lousy shot with a average player it won’t fall. Better graphics and smoother transitions from quarters. Also a game ticker for other games will pop up and the Halftime show spotlights games happening that night and games that are finished.

Online play is better in that it actually makes you look like a jerk when you ball hog in my player pick-up games. Also in team-up games it doesn’t seem to lag as much.

This games is worth every penny, and I would recommend it to NBA fans and even the non NBA fans.

A solid 9/10 Rating


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