Review – Sims 3

I have never been into Sims to be honest. It always seems like too much work to play around with what happens in real life. I did give Sims 3 a chance though since I enjoy a relaxing game now and then. The game has a solid gameplay, with easy to use controls and a fairly fast paced gameplay. You choose everything that happens to your sim and can either start with a family or a single person. I started with a young female adult.

First thing you do is buy a house. It only gives you a few options to begin with. You then find a job, during the week you will find it difficult to do much more than work, bath, eat, and sleep. On the weekends you can explore the world and even work on some achievements.

Most of the achievements are easy to get, just a matter of time and commitment. I worked at getting the easy ones like married and kids first. Then I went back for the easy achievements, some of which are silly but fun.

The game is fun but not really for the family since they do have suggestive parts. Nothing is shown, but it may bring up questions about anatomy. If you look for a game with easy going gameplay then I recommend it. Just don’t expect to be blown away with the excitement of the game.

Best rating I can give this game is 7/10. Based on what the real replay value is mostly. I hope this was helpful.


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